Accommodation: Crew's Nest

Bedroom in Crew's Nest

Kitchen in Crew's NestBathroom in Crew's Nest

Living area in Crew's Nest

Crew’s Nest is the absolutely charming spacious studio apartment attached to the lower deck. Set in Bayview’s lush tropical garden, this is where all the birds come to strut their stuff. It is closest to the pool and the soothing gurgle of the water fountain found at the heart of this property. 

From stem to stern, Crew’s Nest is an impressive and perfectly coordinated self-catering apartment that either captain or crew would be happy to spend many a holiday in! The galley-style kitchen, with its attractive breakfast bar, is functional and roomy. The living area is cosy and enticing with its wicker, tropical prints, and one-of-a-kind mirror made from local scrap-metal (of all things!).

It is all so carefully thought out. Even this apartment’s separate bath with its ‘pool-tiled’ sit-down shower goes well with the rest of the villa’s underlying nautical theme.   







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