Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when we get to the airport?
One of our representatives will be there to meet and greet you with your hire car or taxi and show you to the villa

What about food and drink at the villa when we arrive?
We are pleased to have a starter pack containing milk, eggs, cereals. fruit, drinks, beer etc. waiting for you in the villa to get you over the first couple of days if you e-mail your requirements a few days prior to your arrival the housekeeper will arrange it all for you

Do we need a car?
Whilst it is not a necessity because of the villas close proximity to the beach we recommend hiring a car as it gives you total freedom to explore the many beautiful deserted beaches during the day and discover the restaurants at night without having to worry about taxis

Are we safe?
Tobago has probably less crime than at home thankfully we have never experienced any problems with our villas and more importantly with our guests however we advise that you don't bring back local casual acquaintances to the villas, you lock your valuables in the safe provided, and be discreet about the amount of cash you have with you. Simply act sensibly as if you were at home

What are the housekeepers duties?
The housekeepers come in to clean, make beds, wash up and generally ensure that everything is to your liking

Do the housekeepers cook?
They are not paid to do so but they will always be pleased to do so as a private arrangement between yourselves

How can we arrange baby-sitters?
The housekeepers will organise this without any problems

Where are the shops?
There is a small supermarket within a short walking distance where you can purchase most things, plus a pizza shop, a bakery, a bar and cash point. There are larger supermarkets locally which give a greater variety of foods as you would expect at home within a ten minute drive

Is the tap water safe to drink?
We have filters on the water systems and it is safe to drink but we recomend bottled water

Where can we buy fresh fish?
The fishermen sell their catch each afternoon at Mt. Irvine beach just up the road

What about hairdryers and towels?
Hairdryers are provided in each bedroom, towels are for villa use only ,not for the beach

Who looks after the pools?
Jerrome is our man who will clean up outside the villas every morning and check the pool he will also if asked nicely pick fresh oranges, grapefruits and bananas from the garden for your breakfast free of charge!

Is there T.V?
Each villa and apartments all have channel tv

Can we phone from the villas?
We do not charge for any local calls, international calls can be made using a prepaid card which can be purchased from most shops We can advise you with the number where you are staying to allow relatives to contact you direct

What time do we have to leave?
Midday as a rule as most planes arrive late afternoon if there is a same day turnaround to allow the housekeepers to clean and prepare for the next guests however the housekeeper will always arrange for one room to be left in order that you can shower and change before getting on the plane if there are no guests arriving the same day you are free to stay until the last minute.

How far is the golf course?
Four minute drive to Mt. Irvine twenty minutes to the Hilton Plantation course, golf clubs are provided at the villa

Can we pre arrange scuba diving courses, horse riding, fishing trips, etc?
We can arrange everything for you or forward the recommended instructors e-mail addresses to make your own bookings

If you have any questions whatsoever please mail and we will be only to pleased to answer